Preference Round

toriPreference round is the most important day of recruitment. Some girls have a really tough decision to make while for others it’s very easy. It’s the day you get to pick what letters you want to represent every day, what girls you want to be your sisters, and where your home away from home is. Every sorority is different and if you’re feeling confused, that’s totally okay. Before preference round, I was feeling extremely nervous. I knew that it would be an important day but I didn’t know what to expect. Once I got to Alpha Xi Delta I sat down with one of the sisters and we started talking. I noticed that the vibe at the house was very different that day. I felt so comfortable. Comfortable enough to open up to the sister and eventually I found myself crying. It was such a strange feeling but it was awesome at the same time. After the ceremony, everything felt like it changed. I was feeling extremely close to the sorority and I just wanted to be a part of it ASAP. But at the same time, I was so afraid that ΑΞΔ didn’t like me as much as I liked them. When I left preference round I was feeling excited but so nervous. If ΑΞΔ didn’t ask me back, then I would be left sorority-less and I wanted to be a fuzzie so bad. I spent my whole night waiting and worrying when I should have spent it getting excited for bid day. After a year has passed and I look back on recruitment, I realized that everything happens for a reason. It sounds so cliché but it’s true. Every single sorority at this school is so amazing and anyone would be lucky to be a part of one. Think about all the good things every chapter has to offer you. If you’re sitting around after preference round and feeling scared or nervous; GET EXCITED. The whole recruitment process is supposed to be exciting and I promise it will all be worth it on bid day, no matter where you end up.

-Tori, Fall 2013 Pledge Class

katelynPreference round left with with a very hard decision to make regarding which chapter would become my home. I loved the other chapter I visited as well as Alpha Xi Delta. At the end of the day it came down to the girls I met and I could definitely see them becoming my sisters. Every girl I talked to through my recruitment process with Alpha Xi Delta was so genuine and you could see how supportive and dedicated they were to their philanthropy, school work, their sisters, and reaching their personal goals. I knew if I chose Alpha Xi Delta I would be joining a sorority that would make me grow as a person. This chapter truly made me feel comfortable every time I visited and I pictured myself here at my best times and my worst times. I can’t imagine my college years without this chapter and I am so thankful for my amazing sisters.
-Katelyn, Fall 2013 Pledge Class

kaylaI can remember my Preference Round like it was yesterday. Alpha Xi Delta was my final house of the day and I was worn out but I knew that I would have to make my final decision in an hour or so. I thought I loved the last house I was at but I was still ready to see what Alpha Xi had in store for me. My initial conversation was with Sarah Kall and I had a great talk and felt like I could belong here. After, we went to the ceremony and I really felt the sisterhood and the bond of the chapter. However, I still felt so indecisive about where I want to go. After the ceremony I talked to sister Katie Clarkin. This girl helped me make one of the best decisions of my life. She told me how AXiD made her feel and all the emotions she had on her Preference Round. Seeing that much emotion come out of a person I barely knew made me feel so much more at home. She understood that I had such a tough decisions to make. She gave me the best advice “go with your gut” and I did. After I left I had a strong pull to Alpha Xi and I knew in my gut that this is the place for me.

-Kayla, Fall 2013 Pledge Class

champaigneOnce Preference Round came around I was so nervous with bid day being the next day. I came to the Alpha Xi Delta house after attending another party, and I did not know what to expect. I was welcomed by a sister who made me feel so comfortable and she genuinely wanted to see how I was doing. After seeing the ceremony and how passionate and caring the sisters were about each other, I knew Alpha Xi Delta was where I belonged. I could not stop thinking about how thankful I was to even have the chance to spend the week with the sisters of this chapter. I went home that night and could not stop thinking about how nervous I was for the next day to come. Alpha Xi Delta truly opened my eyes to what sisterhood really was in such a short period of time, I knew it had to be my home.

-Champaigne, Fall 2013 Pledge Class


House Tours

Our sister Alli shares her memories of going through House Tours three years ago.


It has been three years and I can still distinctly remember every feeling that I endured throughout the whole recruitment process. It was the Saturday of house tours that sticks out to me the most. The day I truly knew that I had found my home with Alpha Xi Delta. I still remember the bus ride to the house like it was yesterday. My heart was racing and my palms were sweating. My bus buddy that day believe it or not was Tugce Yildiz who just so happens to be another active sister of Alpha Xi Delta. Even today as seniors we talk about that bus ride.

We pulled into the driveway and sat there for what seemed like hours. The amount of energy on the bus was so exciting and everyone was ready to go. Our SRC’s finally began to line us up alphabetically and we anxiously waited outside the door to go in. Goosebumps were all up and down my arms, part from excitement part from being freezing. Then, all of a sudden Leah Brino our former president and Sarah Fortner our former VP of recruitment came walking out of the doorway. They introduced themselves with the biggest smiles on their faces and before they could even finish I started to hear the loudest singing coming from inside of the house. I can’t even describe in full how pumped that got me. I wanted to shove everyone in line and burst through the doors. Of course with my last name being Wright I was one of the last people to get in. Though, it had its benefits because to this day I remember Lisa Daronatsy screaming from the crowd inside “ OH MY GOSH I’m so happy to see you again!” My confidence was instantly skyrocketed. I could not believe that this girl whom I had met just once before actually remembered me. I thought that was the coolest thing.

The day of house tours I had the chance to speak with three active sisters. I remember every conversation I had being so genuine and relaxed. We didn’t even necessarily have to talk about Alpha Xi Delta the whole time and that was perfectly fine. For the first time all weekend I remember feeling like I could actually breath. With every sister I spoke to I found that I could relate to them on some level. One thing that I really respected was how diverse the chapter was. I remember talking to one of my sisters Brittany who told me she at the time was working three jobs and still made time to be an active sister in the chapter. She at the time was living in the house and was able to share some of the fun memories’ that she had made in the house. I talked to another sister Bernadette who opened up to me about how Alpha Xi Delta was there for her when she was going through a rough period in her life. One thing that I will always remember Bernadette saying to me is, “when you’re trying to decide where you want to be just think where you would feel comfortable hanging out with no makeup and sweatpants on.” I really began to picture myself as a sister of the chapter and just thinking how real these girls were.

That day has forever impacted my life for the best. Joining this sisterhood has given me the confidence to take on things I never before would have imagined. This chapter is my heart and soul, my backbone and the women that give me the strength to go out and accomplish my dreams. I am forever grateful for all of the memories that this chapter has given me. What you see is truly what you get.

TFJ forever

Philanthropy Round

Our sisters are reflecting on their thoughts and feelings when they went through Philanthropy Round of recruitment!

andreaI went through recruitment just last year, and I was honestly so nervous! I signed up just a few weeks before formal recruitment, so I was very overwhelmed by the whole process. The very first room I went to during Philanthropy Round was Alpha Xi Delta. I was nervous because it was the first time I would be talking to girls that could potentially be my new sisters! I could hear the chants and cheers from outside the room, and as soon as the doors were opened, I got a rush of adrenaline. Talking to the girls made me feel so comfortable and not nervous anymore! I’m so glad I got to talk to Alpha Xi Delta first, because I had a completely positive experience after that! Now, being on the other side of recruitment, I know how the Potential New Members are feeling through this process, and I hope to make them feel at home!

-Andrea, Fall 2013 Pledge Class

kylieThree years ago, I was getting ready to start formal sorority recruitment. Little did I know it would shape my whole college career for the next four years. Getting ready for Philanthropy Round, I was really nervous. I didn’t have any friends that I came to school with, and I didn’t know anyone going through. I was nervous and alone, and all I wanted was for the sororities to like me enough to become a sister of their chapter. I would always think to myself, Just be yourself Kylie, and if they don’t like you then they will be the ones missing out. As I kept that mindset I found myself becoming less nervous and a lot more comfortable, the conversations were coming a lot easier to me, and I started enjoying the process. As Philanthropy Round was coming to an end I had a tough decision ahead of me. How would I rank these sororities? Everyone was so nice. At that point, I followed my heart and ranked depending on where I felt most comfortable talking to the girls and where I felt like I belonged.  Take advantage of this time, and be selfish, because these girls you are talking to could become your best friends for the rest of your life.

Kylie, Fall 2011 Pledge Class

mandyEntering Philanthropy Round of recruitment, I had no idea what to expect or I was looking for. I was so worried about how I would know which chapter was right for me. All the people I asked told me, “You will just know,” but I didn’t believe them. When I went into my first party during the first round, I did know something- that chapter wasn’t for me. I felt uncomfortable throughout my entire conversation and made no connection with the girl I was talking to. This made me worry even more. What if I felt like this with every chapter? I started to think that Greek Life might not be for me. These thoughts were tossed right out of my head and replaced with claps and upbeat chanting as the door to Alpha Xi Delta’s room flung open. I was surrounded by girls who were genuinely so excited to be there, and they even seemed excited for me to be there. I couldn’t help but get excited too. I talked to a girl named Rachel and I felt an instant connection with her. In our short conversation, Rachel taught me what sisterhood was all about. I loved every single sister I talked to from Alpha Xi Delta and I had something in common with each one. I never felt uncomfortable and my connection with this chapter was obvious. I walked out the door wishing I didn’t have to leave. And right then, I just knew. That feeling doesn’t come to everyone this early into recruitment. Some people struggle with their decision until the very last moment, and that’s okay! But I am going to make a promise to you, the same promise that was made to me. At some point, you will get that feeling. “You will just know.”

-Mandy, Fall 2012 Pledge Class

carmenPhilanthropy Round can definitely be really stressful because it is the first days of recruitment. I remember standing outside the doors before going in to meet the chapters being so nervous! However, once I got in and started talking to the girls, I felt so much better. The girls know how you feel because they were in your position and they are really talkative and make you feel comfortable! I remember leaving the rooms feeling so much more confident as the days went on and by the end I wasn’t nervous at all!

-Carmen, Fall 2013 Pledge Class


danicaOn the first round of recruitment, Philanthropy Round, my emotions were running high. It was a mix of excitement, anxiousness, and nervousness. As a sophomore going through recruitment, most people thought that I would have an idea of which chapter I wanted, but after talking to so many different sorority women and learning about each chapter’s philanthropy, I felt a bit overwhelmed. There was a lot of information to wrap my head around, names and faces to remember, financials sheets to hold onto, sisterhoods and community service stories to listen to. Making my first list was difficult because I loved all the sororities. To be honest, Alpha Xi Delta was not my top choice after the first round of recruitment. But after each party, I fell more and more in love with Alpha Xi Delta. I like that they weren’t necessarily my number one choice right from the start. To me, looking back on my experience, it just showed that going through recruitment with an open mind lead me to make the best decision of my life. It’s okay if your mind changes after the first couple days of recruitment. Some of the chapters you thought you might love may end up not being exactly how you pictured them. Recruitment is all about finding your perfect fit, and I found mine with Alpha Xi Delta. A lot of girls have tough decisions on their last day of recruitment, but my decision was so easy. I knew exactly where I belonged. My advice for Philanthropy Round: Keep an open mind. Leave the biases you may have about each chapter at the door. Don’t listen to what your friends want. It’s ok to be a little selfish and think about which chapter you like or don’t like.

-Danica, Fall 2012 Pledge Class

Sorority Recruitment Tips

Keep reading below the graphic for more details!

Get your work done ahead of time: Recruitment is a major time commitment, as is Greek Life in general. A lot of the enjoyment will be taken out of your recruitment experience if you are stressing about all of the homework you need to get done. Utilize your time management skills to get your work done before rounds begin so you won’t have to worry about it during or after.

Don’t stress: Recruitment can be nerve wrecking, but don’t let that ruin your fun. Keep in mind that the girls you are talking to may be just as nervous! They want you to like them just as much as you want them to like you. Use this as common ground to start forming a relationship with the girls you are getting to know.

Keep an open mind: It’s easy to go into recruitment thinking you have it all figured out. In the time you’ve spent on campus, you have probably started to form impressions of the chapters based on things that you’ve observed and things other people have told you. You may think you have already made your decision, but going into recruitment with your heart set on a specific chapter can be extremely detrimental! You do not have to join a chapter because it is the one your friend likes. You do not have to join a chapter because your mom was a member of it. The chapter you choose should be the one that is best for you. Keep an open mind going into each chapter and you may be surprised by what you find on the other side of the door.

Be yourself: Do not put on a front and tell chapters what you think they want to hear. The right chapter will love you for who you are! Recruitment is all about the connection you feel with the girls you meet. If you aren’t being yourself throughout the recruitment process, you will not end up in the chapter that’s right for you.

Ask questions: You are deciding which chapter is the best fit for you, and you need a lot of information to figure that out. Do not be afraid to ask questions! The girls you are talking to will be happy to address any concerns you have or clarify anything you are confused about. The Greek system can seem pretty foreign to someone before they are involved in it, so no question is a stupid question.

Take notes: After taking in endless information about seven different chapters and talking to countless girls from each, things can get a little bit confusing. Taking the time to jot down a few notes in between parties or at the end of each round is definitely worthwhile.   Mark down the names of the girls you talked to from each chapter and what you talked to them about- you may run into them again in a later round so it’s nice to try to remember who they are! Make note of what you liked and didn’t like about each chapter. All of this information will aid you in your final decision.

Utilize your SRCs: They gave up their letters to help you find yours. Not only have your Sorority Recruitment Counselors been trained to answer your questions and assist you in making your decision, but they also have gone through this same experience. Your SRCs will understand what you are going through and they will do anything they can to make this process easier for you.

Focus on what is important to you: When it comes down to it, the surface-level information doesn’t mean everything. The letters, symbols, mascot, and colors do not make a sorority- the sisters do. Rather than focusing on chapter trivia, you should focus on the conversations you have, the connections you form, and the overall feeling you get from each chapter.

Be respectful to each chapter: As recruitment progresses, it may become clear that a chapter is not the right fit for you. You should still give these women the respect they deserve when you enter their homes. Continue to show an interest in the conversations you hold. You do not have to mislead them or say things you think that they want like to hear. Even if these women do not become your sisters, they are a part of the same Greek community and can still be your friends!

Remember that everything happens for a reason: While the process may be overwhelming, and things may not work out in the way that you expect them to, recognize that everything happens for a reason and wherever you end up is where you are supposed to be!

We hope these tips helped to make you feel more prepared for this week!  We are so looking forward to meeting you!

Not sure if Greek Life is for you? Neither was Dani

Stressing about the upcoming recruitment registration deadlines because you still haven’t made up your mind? Here’s a few words from our sister Dani about why she’s glad she made the decision to sign up!
dani1Even though I have an older sister in a sorority, when I first arrived at Kent, I hardly knew anything about Greek life except that my sister seemed to pay a lot of money for it.  I walked around campus in clothes I bought from a thrift store in dirty old Vans, spent my free time reading, and valued my own originality.  I thought Vineyard Vines was a restaurant and laughed at any boy who looked like he had spent more than two minutes on his hair.  Obviously, I was not a sorority girl.
After my friends dragged me to Blastoff, that opinion started to hesitantly change in my head.  These girls weren’t what I thought.  They were kind, seemed to take a genuine interest in me, and were fun and easy to talk to.  It didn’t look like their clothes cost thousands, and watching them interact they all seemed so happy to be exactly where they were.  After talking to four chapters, at the end of the night I went to my dorm and signed up for recruitment.  My best friends back home, my mom, and even my sister were all surprised.
I figured I could just sign up and drop out at any time if it wasn’t for me.  But throughout the process, I began to realize this life was something I truly wanted.  I wanted to be apart of the loyalty, hard work, and fun that I saw all these girls having. 
Joining Alpha Xi Delta was no doubt the best decision of my life.  Not just in college, not just my freshman year, but truly in my whole life.  I have formed friendships I would’ve never made without this sorority, and because of it I am the happiest I have ever been.  My sisters mean everything to me, and I know they value me just the same. 
So I know you’ve seen it on sidewalks… I know you’ve heard sorority girls say it… You may have seen it on merchandise… And here I am to say it again.  Make the best decision of your life, too, and sign up for recruitment today. Life is better in letters 🙂

Not sure if Greek Life is for you? Neither was Courtney

Still not 100% ready to fill out that registration?  Read this post by our sister Courtney to see why she decided to sign up for recruitment.

courtneyWhen I decided to join a sorority, my whole life changed. I am going to begin this story all the way back to my first week of college freshman year at Kent State. My roommate and I were getting along great, and we were both adjusting to college classes and routines. One day she asked me if I would go through recruitment with her. She said she had thought about it, and really wanted to see what Greek Life was all about. My initial reaction was “What is a sorority?”

I did not have the first clue as to what Greek Life was, let alone what joining a sorority could ever do for me. After I somewhat figured it out, I finally broke the news to my roomie that I did not think it was for me. I explained to her how the dues would be far too high since I have to pay for everything by myself. I just did not see the value in investing in a social sorority when I could save my money for books the following semester. She practically begged me every day to sign up until the final day of registration. I knew my roomie really wanted to give it a try and I didn’t want her to miss out on something that she might regret, so I forked over the registration fee. Meanwhile, I still had no belief that I was actually going to join one.

During the first day of philanthropy round, I talked to about 15 girls in three different sororities. Needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed. The process was nothing like I thought it was going to be. However, the information I was learning actually made me excited for the rest of recruitment. I found out that each of them had a national philanthropy. They all had sisterhoods, socials, date parties, and many opportunities for community service. I had no idea sororities had so much to offer that I would be interested in. I talked to some very nice and welcoming girls, and most of them assured me that there would be a way for me to have a payment plan since I would be paying for it on my own. The next couple days of recruitment came and went, I talked to more girls, and each day brought new and exciting experiences.

By the end of recruitment, I was positive I wanted to be in a sorority. The only question remaining was…which one? They were all so different yet so alike at the same time. There were girls that I liked in each one and I knew it was going to be a difficult decision. Some people will tell you they knew where they wanted to go the minute they walked in the house, or after a certain conversation. But once again, I was torn with a big decision. I trusted my instincts and went where I knew I belonged. I do not know how to explain it and others will agree, “You just know.” As vague as that statement is, it is true.

Still in the very beginning of my new member days, I did not know everything that Greek Life had in store for me. Bid Day was fun, the girls were so welcoming, and I was making friends in my pledge class, as well as others. But I still did not truly appreciate what I was getting myself into. It was not until after my initiation that I realized how much joining Alpha Xi Delta had changed my life. Being a part of Alpha Xi Delta was changing me for the better. Even my own mom, who I am pretty sure still to this day isn’t 100% sure what a sorority is, noticed that it changed me. She made comments on how much my self-confidence levels went up and how active and involved I was being on and off campus. I began to be a more happy and optimistic person. Most of all, I was becoming a better me. It was like something was lacking in my life, but by joining Alpha Xi Delta, I found the missing piece to the puzzle.

I began to take on leadership positions in my chapter, which has helped shape me into the leader I am still becoming today. Currently, I am the Recruitment Secretary and Assistant for the fall formal recruitment and I could not be any more excited to assist in opening up our doors and welcoming in new members to the sorority. Now when I pay my dues, I know it is absolutely worth it because I know that I get more out of Alpha Xi Delta than I could get from anything else. I could not imagine my life without Alpha Xi Delta, as these girls have not only become my sisters, but my very best friends. The moral of this story is that even if you do not know if Greek Life is for you, you should at least commit to going through formal recruitment. There are most likely girls who are interested in the same things as you, who share your values, your beliefs, or even similar life experiences. You never know where you will find your home. As cliché as this next statement might sound, “First you become a part of it, then it becomes a part of you.”

court6court3 court2court5

Not sure if Greek Life is for you? Neither was Rachael

Are you feeling hesitant about signing up for Sorority Recruitment? We totally understand! Read this post by our sister Rachael to see what she was feeling and how she made up her mind.

rachael1Imagine this, you just arrived to college, ready to make friends and the unforgettable memories that go along with them. However, you find yourself at this giant school where you only know a few people. Kent is the second biggest school in Ohio, how hard could finding quality friends be? For me, finding girls that I knew would be there laughing at 3:00 a.m. eating large amounts of insomnia cookies was actually a difficult task. I had considered going through recruitment, but then I laughed at the thought. Even the people I had met at Kent agreed that I was not the sorority type. Picture me, the girl with speakers that would always play too loud with bands blaring that no one has even heard of. I was the artsy girl, always covered with paint rather then bows. My closet was a mixture of Urban Outfitters and Free People rather then Lilly Pulitzer and J. Crew. The majority of my friends in high school were boys. After evaluating all of this, I thought there was never the slightest chance I would find my place in a group of 160 girls and counting.

On the last day available to sign up for recruitment, I took the leap and filled the form out. I felt that Greek Life was at least something I should take a shot at and see how the process goes. Now when I say this, don’t think, “Oh, she is just writing this to persuade me to join.” Nope, I am telling you right now that becoming a part of Greek Life really changed my entire college experience for the better. I wasn’t immersed into a group of catty dramatic girls; I became involved with a group of ladies who shared the similar interests as me, laid back people that I could hang out with no matter how I looked, whether I am in sweat pants or a dress. To my surprise, I discovered a group of amazing girls who were so independent. I met girls who were artsy and quirky. I met girls who could have you laughing for hours on end. Most importantly, I met girls that I could see being my best friends for the rest of my life.

My first semester of college got a little rough. There were times I felt lonely, my self-confidence was dipping, and I had my heart shattered to pieces. After every downhill moment I had encountered, there was always a different sister there to bring my spirits back up. My big was there for every time I needed help, no questions asked. My best friends were always up for making memories. Now, I also have amazing little sisters I couldn’t be more proud to call mine, who are there for me whenever I need them.

I’ve gotten so much out of being in a sorority. I have been given the opportunity to volunteer with inspiring individuals who have special needs and to raise money for Autism Speaks every year. I have gained extra motivation to keep my grades up and gain my spot on the Dean’s List. I have learned I can actually be a leader by taking on positions in my chapter. I have become friends with girls that I thought I never would. Greek Life at Kent made this campus a home to me, not only allowing myself to become friends with girls in my chapter, but also with people in other sororities at fraternities here on campus. My heart is always filled with pride when I see the amazing things that our Greek community does for our campus.

I have discovered my home away from home and I could not be more proud of my choice to go through recruitment. I promise you that adventures are the best way to learn, so why not and take the leap and become a part of this one?


Still on the fence?  Look for another post tomorrow and also make sure you attend our Info Tables this week!