Not sure if Greek Life is for you? Neither was Rachael

Are you feeling hesitant about signing up for Sorority Recruitment? We totally understand! Read this post by our sister Rachael to see what she was feeling and how she made up her mind.

rachael1Imagine this, you just arrived to college, ready to make friends and the unforgettable memories that go along with them. However, you find yourself at this giant school where you only know a few people. Kent is the second biggest school in Ohio, how hard could finding quality friends be? For me, finding girls that I knew would be there laughing at 3:00 a.m. eating large amounts of insomnia cookies was actually a difficult task. I had considered going through recruitment, but then I laughed at the thought. Even the people I had met at Kent agreed that I was not the sorority type. Picture me, the girl with speakers that would always play too loud with bands blaring that no one has even heard of. I was the artsy girl, always covered with paint rather then bows. My closet was a mixture of Urban Outfitters and Free People rather then Lilly Pulitzer and J. Crew. The majority of my friends in high school were boys. After evaluating all of this, I thought there was never the slightest chance I would find my place in a group of 160 girls and counting.

On the last day available to sign up for recruitment, I took the leap and filled the form out. I felt that Greek Life was at least something I should take a shot at and see how the process goes. Now when I say this, don’t think, “Oh, she is just writing this to persuade me to join.” Nope, I am telling you right now that becoming a part of Greek Life really changed my entire college experience for the better. I wasn’t immersed into a group of catty dramatic girls; I became involved with a group of ladies who shared the similar interests as me, laid back people that I could hang out with no matter how I looked, whether I am in sweat pants or a dress. To my surprise, I discovered a group of amazing girls who were so independent. I met girls who were artsy and quirky. I met girls who could have you laughing for hours on end. Most importantly, I met girls that I could see being my best friends for the rest of my life.

My first semester of college got a little rough. There were times I felt lonely, my self-confidence was dipping, and I had my heart shattered to pieces. After every downhill moment I had encountered, there was always a different sister there to bring my spirits back up. My big was there for every time I needed help, no questions asked. My best friends were always up for making memories. Now, I also have amazing little sisters I couldn’t be more proud to call mine, who are there for me whenever I need them.

I’ve gotten so much out of being in a sorority. I have been given the opportunity to volunteer with inspiring individuals who have special needs and to raise money for Autism Speaks every year. I have gained extra motivation to keep my grades up and gain my spot on the Dean’s List. I have learned I can actually be a leader by taking on positions in my chapter. I have become friends with girls that I thought I never would. Greek Life at Kent made this campus a home to me, not only allowing myself to become friends with girls in my chapter, but also with people in other sororities at fraternities here on campus. My heart is always filled with pride when I see the amazing things that our Greek community does for our campus.

I have discovered my home away from home and I could not be more proud of my choice to go through recruitment. I promise you that adventures are the best way to learn, so why not and take the leap and become a part of this one?


Still on the fence?  Look for another post tomorrow and also make sure you attend our Info Tables this week!


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