Not sure if Greek Life is for you? Neither was Courtney

Still not 100% ready to fill out that registration?  Read this post by our sister Courtney to see why she decided to sign up for recruitment.

courtneyWhen I decided to join a sorority, my whole life changed. I am going to begin this story all the way back to my first week of college freshman year at Kent State. My roommate and I were getting along great, and we were both adjusting to college classes and routines. One day she asked me if I would go through recruitment with her. She said she had thought about it, and really wanted to see what Greek Life was all about. My initial reaction was “What is a sorority?”

I did not have the first clue as to what Greek Life was, let alone what joining a sorority could ever do for me. After I somewhat figured it out, I finally broke the news to my roomie that I did not think it was for me. I explained to her how the dues would be far too high since I have to pay for everything by myself. I just did not see the value in investing in a social sorority when I could save my money for books the following semester. She practically begged me every day to sign up until the final day of registration. I knew my roomie really wanted to give it a try and I didn’t want her to miss out on something that she might regret, so I forked over the registration fee. Meanwhile, I still had no belief that I was actually going to join one.

During the first day of philanthropy round, I talked to about 15 girls in three different sororities. Needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed. The process was nothing like I thought it was going to be. However, the information I was learning actually made me excited for the rest of recruitment. I found out that each of them had a national philanthropy. They all had sisterhoods, socials, date parties, and many opportunities for community service. I had no idea sororities had so much to offer that I would be interested in. I talked to some very nice and welcoming girls, and most of them assured me that there would be a way for me to have a payment plan since I would be paying for it on my own. The next couple days of recruitment came and went, I talked to more girls, and each day brought new and exciting experiences.

By the end of recruitment, I was positive I wanted to be in a sorority. The only question remaining was…which one? They were all so different yet so alike at the same time. There were girls that I liked in each one and I knew it was going to be a difficult decision. Some people will tell you they knew where they wanted to go the minute they walked in the house, or after a certain conversation. But once again, I was torn with a big decision. I trusted my instincts and went where I knew I belonged. I do not know how to explain it and others will agree, “You just know.” As vague as that statement is, it is true.

Still in the very beginning of my new member days, I did not know everything that Greek Life had in store for me. Bid Day was fun, the girls were so welcoming, and I was making friends in my pledge class, as well as others. But I still did not truly appreciate what I was getting myself into. It was not until after my initiation that I realized how much joining Alpha Xi Delta had changed my life. Being a part of Alpha Xi Delta was changing me for the better. Even my own mom, who I am pretty sure still to this day isn’t 100% sure what a sorority is, noticed that it changed me. She made comments on how much my self-confidence levels went up and how active and involved I was being on and off campus. I began to be a more happy and optimistic person. Most of all, I was becoming a better me. It was like something was lacking in my life, but by joining Alpha Xi Delta, I found the missing piece to the puzzle.

I began to take on leadership positions in my chapter, which has helped shape me into the leader I am still becoming today. Currently, I am the Recruitment Secretary and Assistant for the fall formal recruitment and I could not be any more excited to assist in opening up our doors and welcoming in new members to the sorority. Now when I pay my dues, I know it is absolutely worth it because I know that I get more out of Alpha Xi Delta than I could get from anything else. I could not imagine my life without Alpha Xi Delta, as these girls have not only become my sisters, but my very best friends. The moral of this story is that even if you do not know if Greek Life is for you, you should at least commit to going through formal recruitment. There are most likely girls who are interested in the same things as you, who share your values, your beliefs, or even similar life experiences. You never know where you will find your home. As cliché as this next statement might sound, “First you become a part of it, then it becomes a part of you.”

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