Not sure if Greek Life is for you? Neither was Dani

Stressing about the upcoming recruitment registration deadlines because you still haven’t made up your mind? Here’s a few words from our sister Dani about why she’s glad she made the decision to sign up!
dani1Even though I have an older sister in a sorority, when I first arrived at Kent, I hardly knew anything about Greek life except that my sister seemed to pay a lot of money for it.  I walked around campus in clothes I bought from a thrift store in dirty old Vans, spent my free time reading, and valued my own originality.  I thought Vineyard Vines was a restaurant and laughed at any boy who looked like he had spent more than two minutes on his hair.  Obviously, I was not a sorority girl.
After my friends dragged me to Blastoff, that opinion started to hesitantly change in my head.  These girls weren’t what I thought.  They were kind, seemed to take a genuine interest in me, and were fun and easy to talk to.  It didn’t look like their clothes cost thousands, and watching them interact they all seemed so happy to be exactly where they were.  After talking to four chapters, at the end of the night I went to my dorm and signed up for recruitment.  My best friends back home, my mom, and even my sister were all surprised.
I figured I could just sign up and drop out at any time if it wasn’t for me.  But throughout the process, I began to realize this life was something I truly wanted.  I wanted to be apart of the loyalty, hard work, and fun that I saw all these girls having. 
Joining Alpha Xi Delta was no doubt the best decision of my life.  Not just in college, not just my freshman year, but truly in my whole life.  I have formed friendships I would’ve never made without this sorority, and because of it I am the happiest I have ever been.  My sisters mean everything to me, and I know they value me just the same. 
So I know you’ve seen it on sidewalks… I know you’ve heard sorority girls say it… You may have seen it on merchandise… And here I am to say it again.  Make the best decision of your life, too, and sign up for recruitment today. Life is better in letters 🙂

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