Philanthropy Round

Our sisters are reflecting on their thoughts and feelings when they went through Philanthropy Round of recruitment!

andreaI went through recruitment just last year, and I was honestly so nervous! I signed up just a few weeks before formal recruitment, so I was very overwhelmed by the whole process. The very first room I went to during Philanthropy Round was Alpha Xi Delta. I was nervous because it was the first time I would be talking to girls that could potentially be my new sisters! I could hear the chants and cheers from outside the room, and as soon as the doors were opened, I got a rush of adrenaline. Talking to the girls made me feel so comfortable and not nervous anymore! I’m so glad I got to talk to Alpha Xi Delta first, because I had a completely positive experience after that! Now, being on the other side of recruitment, I know how the Potential New Members are feeling through this process, and I hope to make them feel at home!

-Andrea, Fall 2013 Pledge Class

kylieThree years ago, I was getting ready to start formal sorority recruitment. Little did I know it would shape my whole college career for the next four years. Getting ready for Philanthropy Round, I was really nervous. I didn’t have any friends that I came to school with, and I didn’t know anyone going through. I was nervous and alone, and all I wanted was for the sororities to like me enough to become a sister of their chapter. I would always think to myself, Just be yourself Kylie, and if they don’t like you then they will be the ones missing out. As I kept that mindset I found myself becoming less nervous and a lot more comfortable, the conversations were coming a lot easier to me, and I started enjoying the process. As Philanthropy Round was coming to an end I had a tough decision ahead of me. How would I rank these sororities? Everyone was so nice. At that point, I followed my heart and ranked depending on where I felt most comfortable talking to the girls and where I felt like I belonged.  Take advantage of this time, and be selfish, because these girls you are talking to could become your best friends for the rest of your life.

Kylie, Fall 2011 Pledge Class

mandyEntering Philanthropy Round of recruitment, I had no idea what to expect or I was looking for. I was so worried about how I would know which chapter was right for me. All the people I asked told me, “You will just know,” but I didn’t believe them. When I went into my first party during the first round, I did know something- that chapter wasn’t for me. I felt uncomfortable throughout my entire conversation and made no connection with the girl I was talking to. This made me worry even more. What if I felt like this with every chapter? I started to think that Greek Life might not be for me. These thoughts were tossed right out of my head and replaced with claps and upbeat chanting as the door to Alpha Xi Delta’s room flung open. I was surrounded by girls who were genuinely so excited to be there, and they even seemed excited for me to be there. I couldn’t help but get excited too. I talked to a girl named Rachel and I felt an instant connection with her. In our short conversation, Rachel taught me what sisterhood was all about. I loved every single sister I talked to from Alpha Xi Delta and I had something in common with each one. I never felt uncomfortable and my connection with this chapter was obvious. I walked out the door wishing I didn’t have to leave. And right then, I just knew. That feeling doesn’t come to everyone this early into recruitment. Some people struggle with their decision until the very last moment, and that’s okay! But I am going to make a promise to you, the same promise that was made to me. At some point, you will get that feeling. “You will just know.”

-Mandy, Fall 2012 Pledge Class

carmenPhilanthropy Round can definitely be really stressful because it is the first days of recruitment. I remember standing outside the doors before going in to meet the chapters being so nervous! However, once I got in and started talking to the girls, I felt so much better. The girls know how you feel because they were in your position and they are really talkative and make you feel comfortable! I remember leaving the rooms feeling so much more confident as the days went on and by the end I wasn’t nervous at all!

-Carmen, Fall 2013 Pledge Class


danicaOn the first round of recruitment, Philanthropy Round, my emotions were running high. It was a mix of excitement, anxiousness, and nervousness. As a sophomore going through recruitment, most people thought that I would have an idea of which chapter I wanted, but after talking to so many different sorority women and learning about each chapter’s philanthropy, I felt a bit overwhelmed. There was a lot of information to wrap my head around, names and faces to remember, financials sheets to hold onto, sisterhoods and community service stories to listen to. Making my first list was difficult because I loved all the sororities. To be honest, Alpha Xi Delta was not my top choice after the first round of recruitment. But after each party, I fell more and more in love with Alpha Xi Delta. I like that they weren’t necessarily my number one choice right from the start. To me, looking back on my experience, it just showed that going through recruitment with an open mind lead me to make the best decision of my life. It’s okay if your mind changes after the first couple days of recruitment. Some of the chapters you thought you might love may end up not being exactly how you pictured them. Recruitment is all about finding your perfect fit, and I found mine with Alpha Xi Delta. A lot of girls have tough decisions on their last day of recruitment, but my decision was so easy. I knew exactly where I belonged. My advice for Philanthropy Round: Keep an open mind. Leave the biases you may have about each chapter at the door. Don’t listen to what your friends want. It’s ok to be a little selfish and think about which chapter you like or don’t like.

-Danica, Fall 2012 Pledge Class


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