Preference Round

toriPreference round is the most important day of recruitment. Some girls have a really tough decision to make while for others it’s very easy. It’s the day you get to pick what letters you want to represent every day, what girls you want to be your sisters, and where your home away from home is. Every sorority is different and if you’re feeling confused, that’s totally okay. Before preference round, I was feeling extremely nervous. I knew that it would be an important day but I didn’t know what to expect. Once I got to Alpha Xi Delta I sat down with one of the sisters and we started talking. I noticed that the vibe at the house was very different that day. I felt so comfortable. Comfortable enough to open up to the sister and eventually I found myself crying. It was such a strange feeling but it was awesome at the same time. After the ceremony, everything felt like it changed. I was feeling extremely close to the sorority and I just wanted to be a part of it ASAP. But at the same time, I was so afraid that ΑΞΔ didn’t like me as much as I liked them. When I left preference round I was feeling excited but so nervous. If ΑΞΔ didn’t ask me back, then I would be left sorority-less and I wanted to be a fuzzie so bad. I spent my whole night waiting and worrying when I should have spent it getting excited for bid day. After a year has passed and I look back on recruitment, I realized that everything happens for a reason. It sounds so cliché but it’s true. Every single sorority at this school is so amazing and anyone would be lucky to be a part of one. Think about all the good things every chapter has to offer you. If you’re sitting around after preference round and feeling scared or nervous; GET EXCITED. The whole recruitment process is supposed to be exciting and I promise it will all be worth it on bid day, no matter where you end up.

-Tori, Fall 2013 Pledge Class

katelynPreference round left with with a very hard decision to make regarding which chapter would become my home. I loved the other chapter I visited as well as Alpha Xi Delta. At the end of the day it came down to the girls I met and I could definitely see them becoming my sisters. Every girl I talked to through my recruitment process with Alpha Xi Delta was so genuine and you could see how supportive and dedicated they were to their philanthropy, school work, their sisters, and reaching their personal goals. I knew if I chose Alpha Xi Delta I would be joining a sorority that would make me grow as a person. This chapter truly made me feel comfortable every time I visited and I pictured myself here at my best times and my worst times. I can’t imagine my college years without this chapter and I am so thankful for my amazing sisters.
-Katelyn, Fall 2013 Pledge Class

kaylaI can remember my Preference Round like it was yesterday. Alpha Xi Delta was my final house of the day and I was worn out but I knew that I would have to make my final decision in an hour or so. I thought I loved the last house I was at but I was still ready to see what Alpha Xi had in store for me. My initial conversation was with Sarah Kall and I had a great talk and felt like I could belong here. After, we went to the ceremony and I really felt the sisterhood and the bond of the chapter. However, I still felt so indecisive about where I want to go. After the ceremony I talked to sister Katie Clarkin. This girl helped me make one of the best decisions of my life. She told me how AXiD made her feel and all the emotions she had on her Preference Round. Seeing that much emotion come out of a person I barely knew made me feel so much more at home. She understood that I had such a tough decisions to make. She gave me the best advice “go with your gut” and I did. After I left I had a strong pull to Alpha Xi and I knew in my gut that this is the place for me.

-Kayla, Fall 2013 Pledge Class

champaigneOnce Preference Round came around I was so nervous with bid day being the next day. I came to the Alpha Xi Delta house after attending another party, and I did not know what to expect. I was welcomed by a sister who made me feel so comfortable and she genuinely wanted to see how I was doing. After seeing the ceremony and how passionate and caring the sisters were about each other, I knew Alpha Xi Delta was where I belonged. I could not stop thinking about how thankful I was to even have the chance to spend the week with the sisters of this chapter. I went home that night and could not stop thinking about how nervous I was for the next day to come. Alpha Xi Delta truly opened my eyes to what sisterhood really was in such a short period of time, I knew it had to be my home.

-Champaigne, Fall 2013 Pledge Class


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